Free Grief Counseling

"A New Perspective"

Free Grief Counseling was inspired by thousands of people worldwide who have shared a "near death experience." We ask you to keep an open mind and allow us to explain the afterlife as we have witnessed.

Free Grief Counseling

Our Story

Created in 2001, we designed our business as a service for the poor, uninsured, and the underserved. We believe no one should be turned away from counseling because they can't afford it. Our services are FREE to the client but we do allow donations from our friends. We are an all volunteer staff. Our hotline is a labor of love. We are an all inclusive business. We don't discriminate or judge our clients. All conversations remain confidential unless you give explicit permission to disclose.
We also counsel those affected by traumatic deaths, suicide, murder, accidents.


Need help organizing a small funeral or memorial service on a tiny budget?

We can help!


"Surviving grief is easier when you look at it from the perspective of the departed. When you understand death is not FINAL, and your goodbyes are only temporary, peace follows."

Mike Einspanjer (Grief Counselor)



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Mother's Against Drunk Driving


Suicide Prevention Hotline


Veterans Crisis Line


Ryan White Foundation




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